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Aga Saga - Jan 2022

Aga Oil -Gas Conversions are more and more popular nowadays especially with the poor quality of heating oil and the ever-increasing Bio Fuel that is being added.

No additive in the world will bring back the good old fashion 28 second kerosene, which our faithful oil Agas were designed to burn on.

30% of our time now in the field is servicing Agas that have prematurely coked up and 70% is converting them to electric.

The way I convert Agas is exactly the same way as the new Electric Agas are being manufactured, but I take off all the parts that can go wrong, as they aren’t really needed, it’s more of a sales gimmick.

We simply have

1 x thermostat

1 x element

1x 13amp fuse spur plug

Aga produce them now with unnecessary - Timers, fans, programmers, relays, solenoids etc etc.

Once we have converted it over from Oil to 13amp Electric our way, i can very confidently say you will know no difference. You will notice the same back ground heat & cooking temperatures will be exactly the same.         The reliability and flexibility will be improved and the controls couldn’t be simpler. One thermostat knob that  says on /off ,1 to 6.

Much more stable heat in the ovens as you aren’t losing 40% of the oven heat up the chimney.

My Aga at home and plenty of others now run-on number 4 and number 5 if you are doing a huge roast.

And in the summer just turn knob off or turn to number 1 or 2.


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Revamp - Re Use - Nov 2021

Reconditioned 13amp aga in Lulworth Grey in Dorchester , Customer happy and saved 6k

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