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If your AGA is well-used & well-loved and you don’t want to part with it, we can convert your AGA to electric in one day. (Dependant on Model)


Oil-fired central heating boilers of today are both highly efficient and low polluting. They are also able to run with no problems on fuels that now contain an element of bio fuel.

The oil-fired Aga cooker however, sadly not such good news. Although a fantastic invention and literally a lifelong friend, oil fired cookers were never designed to run on the more environmentally friendly fuels of today. With the reduction of sulphur in our normal heating oil decreasing due to government targets, oil fired cookers now face their biggest challenge to date. The introduction of bio fuels into the very fuel they run on.

Additives are now added to the fuel to try and combat the lower sulphur content and try to help the cooker run for longer, keeping carbon build up to a minimum. But in all honesty as service engineers with years of experience, we have found these additives do not do enough in the real world to help the situation.

Cookers are now needing servicing as much as 3-4 times a year. That’s as much as a 100% increase over normal service period.

All of this extra servicing is a cost to you. With government plans tightening over fossil fuel burning appliances over the next 9 years to 2030, then further again over the next 20 years to 2050. There has never been a better time to convert your trusty cooker away from oil to electric.

Oil prices are set to continue to climb ever higher in the future as it becomes a less popular and frowned upon fuel and isn’t regulated like electricity. This will increase running costs dramatically. Electric prices are more stable and it is also possible with panels and renewable sources to offset costs to yourself dramatically. All while helping to cut your household emissions and help change the world to a cleaner and better place.


Customers have also asked

Why change my Gas Aga to electric?


 Gas fired cookers were never designed to be environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, Gas Fired Agas are continually losing 30% of their heat through the wall or up the flue Stack and to counterbalance the heat loss and maintain an ideal cooking temperature the Aga has to burn more Gas.

All energy prices are set to continue to climb ever higher in the future and Gas is becoming a less popular fuel which is increasingly frowned upon from an environmental perspective.

Gas Agas need regular servicing.

To be able to work on a Gas Aga whether it be natural Gas or Liquid petroleum {LPG}

Your Aga engineer will have to carry out and pay for regular Gas Safe courses, have regular inspections and pay huge membership costs. All of this now means prices for servicing will have to be passed on to the householder.

So many customers have changed over to electricity, so most Gas Aga service companies will be noticing a huge drop on their Gas Aga data base. This means an increase in cost to the remaining Gas customers.


There has never been a better time to convert your trusty cooker away from Gas or Oil to electric.

Upcycle and Keep a British Engineered Aga in your home.



Last Benefits Explained


No servicing required!

No servicing is required on the e-Control Aga.

It is advised to have a wall socket tested every 2.5 years by a qualified electrician on the traditional 13-amp conversion.

Converting your existing Aga is much cheaper than installing a new electric Aga at 12-14k.

The older Agas are bombproof, with really durable enamel and nice thick Pig Iron Ovens, which equals better heat retention.

We like to call the older Agas “the Sherman tank model”

Here at Fourniers we offer 2 types of Electric Conversion. Traditional 13 amp Conversion & eControl Conversion.  Click on the links for more information.

Why Convert To Electric?

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