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Aga Plinths


A plinth is only required to bring the top plate of the Aga to the required working Height ( level with kitchen worktops.)

Otherwise, all that is needed is a flat, solid, non- combustible base capable of supporting the weight {approx. ½ ton}.

It is essential that the plinth is absolutely flat and level with the following Minimum dimensions: -

 2 Oven Aga 987 mm x 679 mm

 2 Oven Aga with Module 1600mm x 679mm

4 Oven Aga 1489mm x 679mm

4 Oven Aga with Module 2100mm x 679mm

Please note: as wall tiles must not overlap the Aga top plate, the measurements out from the wall should be increased if wall tiles are to be added.

Typical Cement or concrete plinths prepared by builders must be installed a minimum of 3-4 days before the day of the Aga installation.

Due to Customer/Builder Demand, we have engineered our own Aga Plinths. They are prefabricated steel plinths which are black powder coated and most importantly fully adjustable for us to level.

We simply bring the plinths with us, place them on the floor level them and that's it!

Our Aga Plinths are engineered at 60mm high

Important Information Please specify whether you require a plinth from us for the installation Day

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