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Basic 13 Amp AGA

The Basic 13amp Aga conversion Explained.

The 13amp electric Aga conversion is the closest you will get to a traditional Gas /Oil/Solid fuel Aga that we have all cherished and welcomed into our homes since 1929.

Most importantly it’s the traditional background heat the 13amp produces, something that other electric Aga conversions and range cookers can’t offer that our customers across Dorset are most pleased with.

Our 13amp electric conversion looks, feels and works in exactly the same way as your oil/gas or solid fuel Aga but with added extra control. No oven heating waiting times like other electric conversions, some of which require you to turn the hobs down before closing the lids!!

Most importantly there’s no burner to clean. No PCB Boards or fans are used which means maintenance is minimal and low cost – just a safety check every two and a half years or so.

Even though you have the bonus still of the constant warmth from the Aga, because it has been designed and improved over the years with modern insulation you are literally heating your kitchen with something equivalent to a 100-watt light bulb.

It’s the central hub of the family home and huge savings can be made by not using other white goods and less central heating needs in the property.

There are so many types of Aga’s on the market. Quite a few won’t give background heat and even the ones that do, only give 70%. These offer slightly lowered running costs on paper, but don’t work like an original Aga more like an electric cooker with no soul which can have a huge number of extra components to go wrong.

So, if you are wanting to make a greener choice but keep the Aga life you know and love then the 13amp electric Aga is the way forward.

Plus, no more worrying about:

  • Carbon Monoxide 

  • Oil or gas leaks

  • No heat loss up chimney, keeping a more constant temperature and radically reducing your household carbon footprint.

  • Saving on 6 monthly service intervals plus in some cases, intermittent callouts because of the new bio fuel.

  • Fire Hazard

You can rest assured that in your purchase of a reconditioned Aga cooker from Fournier’s you are making a wise choice in all our attempts to protect the environment. By re-using the existing cast iron components and minimising and recycling the waste produced, a reconditioned cooker is a green choice for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint

Running costs:

2 OVEN  220 kWh
4 OVEN  270 kWh

* Note in a larger size kitchen with more windows/ less insulation or more use than average, there could be higher running costs. This is to be expected as with any fuel used for a cooking appliance.

Wiring Requirements
The 13amp aga cooker needs its own circuit from the consumer unit. A 16amp circuit breaker should be used and a 2.5mm cable to a Crabtree switched, fused spur point to the side of the cooker. (If you already have a normal cooker circuit this can usually be easily adapted to feed the aga cooker).        


Optional – seven-day digital programmer

We can install a 13amp electric AGA cooker with a versatile 7 day / 24-hour timer which can be programmed to suit your needs – for instance it can be off through the night or while you are at work and be set so your AGA cooker is back up to temperature when you need it again. These timers fit on a single gang wall box.

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