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Aga Boiler Removal


AGA Cookers with Hot Water are not for modern day living and rising fuel costs


Why Should I disconnect my Aga cooker from Domestic Hot water?


The extra fuel the cooker burns to heat the water (that's right, it's not 'free'!) was, at the time, less than running your household boiler. Over decades the boiler’s rubber gaskets start to perish and the internal boiler even though lined with a vitreous enamel layer of paint does eventually become rocked up with the dreaded limescale.


With rising fuel costs, Central Heating and Hot water boilers are being designed and manufactured to comply with government fuel emissions and energy prices in mind. They are far more efficient and cheaper to run than using more fuel to accommodate heating water on your Aga.


Surveys have said (It'll burn about 40% less fuel when the boiler is removed.)


So huge savings can be made by taking your Aga boiler out.


As proof, AGA discontinued the Aga hot-water boiler in 2014.


I was told I could cut the pipes off and fill the Cast Iron Boiler with sand?

This would probably work as a temporary measure, but is not our advice.

If you want to take the hot water facility out of the Aga it's vital that the boiler is removed from inside the cooker. What you are wanting to achieve is less fuel, so taking a huge cold lump of casting out and replacing with modern insulation is the correct way.  It's also important that the burner (oil or gas) is recalibrated so it burns at the correct rate to match the new 'non-boiler' status of the cooker.

Also, if the Aga boiler is left in you run the risk of serious internal damage to the cooker. Cracking internal castings (which could lead to dangerous flue-gas leakage) overheating, increased surface temperatures and scorching of adjacent cabinetry.

If you would like to discuss this service,

please give us a call on 01305 262411 , email


Either Jayne or Craig will take your call and let you know our next available date.

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