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Professional Aga Range Cooker Removal Service


Fournier’s offer a safe dismantling and removals service for Aga range cookers.

Sometimes when an older Aga range cooker is full of Fullers Earth {diatomaceous earth} insulation, a little dust can escape us. Especially if it is a windy day, or the property is open planned and well ventilated. Where possible all of this is removed. On occasions a small residue on higher surfaces that we cannot reach for example may remain. We advise that you remove all edibles and shut doors around the home during our visit. But most importantly have a standby electric kettle as the work is quite dry on the throat!


Asbestos is often present in older cookers in the gaskets and old rope seals. We have the equipment, and insurance to keep you and ourselves safe.

Once dismantled we can dispose of the cooker, or leave the parts neatly stacked on a pallet with you so you can find it a new loving home.


What is the cost of dismantling & removing my Aga range cooker...?


Option 1


Dismantling & removing for disposal, starting from £475 + VAT



Option 2


Dismantling & palletising parts to be left with you, starting from £575 + VAT


Why the difference in price?  We may be able to upcycle some of the Aga parts for spares if we are instructed to dispose of the Aga.


Prices apply to any model, age & size of Aga range cooker. {we don’t dismantle and remove Rayburn Cookers} these have to be rolled out whole unfortunately.


We do not remove the Aga range cooker plinth, only if it’s a prefabricated Steel plinth.


Concrete plinths will need to be demolished by a third party and safe disposal of material.


Geographical area of work


We cover a 50-mile radius from Dorchester Dorset, but may be willing to travel further in some circumstances, please do get in touch if you are not sure. This may incur additional travel costs. 01305 262411


How long does the dismantle take?


2-4 hours, but depends on access and size of the Aga.


Why do I need my Aga professionally dismantled?


Moving an Aga as whole will damage floors and doorways and if you are wanting to resell the Aga, it will be more appealing to a potential buyer.

We have over 30 years of experience in taking these iconic cookers apart and have the professional equipment to remove the insulation and transport the heavy castings.

What do I need to do in advance?


If your Aga runs on gas, we'll need it disconnected literally (pipe cut and capped off by a Gas Safe engineer) If your cooker is oil, solid fuel or electric you don't need to do anything to the fuel supply we can deal with this.


If your Aga does domestic hot water as well as cooking, the boiler pipes on the side of the Aga will need to be disconnected (pipes cut and left vented) prior to our visit. If you are unsure about whether your Aga does water or not email us a picture if you can of both sides of the Aga cooker.


If you would like to discuss this service,

please give us a call on 01305 262411 , email


Either Jayne or Craig will take your call and let you know our next available date.

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