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All of our Agas are fully reconditioned in 24 available colours.


When purchasing a reconditioned Aga, it is absolutely essential that the Aga has been enamelled and absolutely never powder coated.

Vitreous enamelling is an industrial process carried out by just a handful of companies nationwide.

Firstly, the Aga is stripped, then sent to our enamellers who shot blast the cast to its original surface.  The front plate, top plate and any enamelled parts are then hand sprayed at high temperature.

The enamelling goes through three firings at which point it is thoroughly inspected for quality control. Only once our enamellers are satisfied that the enamelling is of impeccable quality will it pass quality control.

On return to our workshop, we apply new domes and liners to the re enamelled lid bands and new liners to the doors, along with a great deal of other preparations before bringing the Aga to you to be built on site.

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