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Anyone who has ever lived with an Aga will tell you that they are so much more than just a cooker.

The very heart of the kitchen, with its background heat, the Aga is always ready to be used.

Everyone in the household, family & friends alike, all gravitate towards the Aga, even our beloved 4 legged friends who often have to be moved out of the way in order to get close enough to cook !

But the Aga is also changing!

As we all try to be more environmentally conscious the original Oil, Gas & Solid fuel Aga's are going through a transformation.

More and more households are converting their Agas from fossil fuels to the more environmentally friendly Electric Aga.

A cleaner and much greener choice!

Fournier’s Ltd based in Dorchester, Dorset, offer a complete Aga service. Including Sales, Servicing, Dismantle, Electrical Conversions, Refurbishing & much more.

We can also maintain your Oil Fired Central Heating Boiler. Regular servicing will keep your appliance working as efficiently as possible. Visit Oil Boiler services for more details.

Dismantle & Relocation

Fourniers Ltd offer a Dismantle & Relocation service.

Whether it's just an Aga dismantle/removal you require or a dismantle & rebuild or relocation for your Aga we are here to help. 

Visit Aga removal to find out more.

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