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Dismantles July 2022

July has been the month of Aga Dismantles.

We have travelled across Dorset, Somerset & Devon this month Dismantling Agas. 

Whatever your reason for the removal of your Aga, we can help.

Contact us for more information.


Boiler servicing

With energy prices rising it is now more important than ever to have a thorough Boiler service to make sure it is functioning as efficiently as possible.


Your service should include:

  • Cleaning Heat Exchanger

  • Cleaning & flushing out condensate tap

  • Cleaning burner (replacing nozzle) oiling fan etc

  • Cleaning magna clean if one fitted

  • Check all service hoses

  • Check emissions and efficiency

  • Check oil tank filters & O rings (filters need to be Biofuel compliant.

 Services should take approximately 1.5 hours ​

Contact us regarding your Boiler service 

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