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Aga dismantle/removal Jan 2023

January has seen an increase in Aga dismantles & removals.

Whatever your reasons for wanting your Aga taken out of your property we can help.

We can dismantle your Aga and leave it with you neatly placed on a pallet. Or, we can dismantle & remove it from your property for you. 

If this service is of interest or you would like a quotation please contact us.

Aga & Oil Fired Boiler servicing February 2023

As the country struggles with the cost of living, it is essential now more than ever that our appliances are maintained professionally at regular intervals.

This ensures that they are working safely & efficiently, therefore saving you money.

February has seen us busy with Central Heating Boiler servicing & Oil Fired Aga servicing.

Contact us to book your service now!

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